Purchasing real estate for investment can be one of the most challenging decisions made by a corporation, investor, partnership or individual. As business owners and commercial real estate experts, Murphy Business’s commercial real estate specialists are well versed in financial and regulatory concerns, how to find a property consistent with the prospective owner’s investment strategy, available financing options, and tax considerations that need to be addressed – all factors that have a profound impact on future profitability.

The Powell Groups Business’s Investment Analysis services include:

  • Establishing Net Operating Income
  • Cash-On-Cash Returns
  • Capitalization Rates
  • Loan To Value Ratios
  • Present Values
  • Net Present Values
  • Internal Rates Of Return
  • Financial Management
  • Build to Suit
  • Lease vs. Own

These services are incorporated into our listing and Buyer/Tenant Agreements.

Additionally, we are able to analyze compound transactions involving real estate with personal property through a synergistic relationship with our in house equipment and machinery appraisers.

The Powell Group can accomplish real estate sales and leasing where a business is the major or minor component of the transaction. Large transactions with multiple complex components will be administered by a “Murphy Team” of experts depending on the scope of work.