Mergers & Acquisitions Process

1. Prepare Offering Package

We prepare a detailed Offering Package with a full description of your business including historical financial information. You approve the Offering Package before it is presented to anyone.

2. Business Valuation

Either we can provide you with our opinion of value (business valuation) prepared by a specialist or an independent third party can be arranged.

3. Develop Marketing Plan

In coordination with you and subject to your approval, we develop a Marketing Plan and identify Prospective Buyers for your business. These may be Private Equity Groups, Corporate Buyers and, in some cases, wealthy individuals.

4. Contact Prospective Buyers

Initially, we contact prospective buyers without disclosing your company’s identity. When we have received a signed Confidentiality Agreement from them, they receive the Offering Package about your business. We coordinate and attend all planned visits and help you answer all buyer questions.

5. Negotiate Offers to Purchase or Letter of Intent

We assist you in negotiating the details of the transaction with the buyer and based upon our training and experience, we can frequently assist in drafting the Term Sheet or Letter of Intent for review by yours and the buyer’s legal counsel.

6. Negotiate Purchase and Sales Agreement

We assist you in negotiating the details of the Purchase and Sale Agreement that frequently includes a non-compete agreement, employment agreement, real estate leases and loan agreements if you are providing seller financing. Our negotiating experience coupled with our legal, financial, accounting and tax knowledge allows us to help you coordinate the many details of these complex transactions with your personal legal, financial and tax advisors.

7. Due Diligence

The due diligence process should be a simple event if we have identified and disclosed all issues in the Offering Package. The buyer needs only to confirm that what we have told them about your business is in fact true.

8. Financing & Funding

Due to our many contacts with sources of debt and equity financing, we can assist the buyers of your business in finding outside sources of capital to eliminate or reduce the amount of seller financing you may be expected to provide.

9. Closing & Transfer

We are by your side all the way to the successful completion of the sale of your business. If you and the buyer desire it, we can also assist you in making a smooth transfer of ownership and working out any issues that may arise.